Enhance your business with our products and solutions for financial operations in every industry.

Our digital eco-system

We create a digital eco-system that covers important nodes in financial operations in business.

We have solutions for payment management at merchant stores to the back-end system connected with banks and international schemes.

We also have solutions for corporates and business owners to manage their finances and payment transactions or create their mobile application with our framework.

Our products

We have many products in our digital eco-system that coverage in financial and various industries for you.

  • Card Management System

    We transform complicated card management processes into one platform that control all card-life-cycle.

  • Payment Service Provider

    Make every payment possible with our solutions that connect merchants and acquirers through multiple national switching systems.

  • Virtual Account System

    We offer the solution for money management from its source with security and risk control on electronics transactions.

  • Mobile Framework

    We believe that everyone could own a mobile application, and it is possible with our Mobile Application Framework.

  • ATM Gateway

    We create a dedicated gateway for financial transactions, which allows communication between servers and ATMs.

  • Smart Agent

    Not only payment acceptance, but this solution also allows you to perform bank-like processes simply with just terminals.

  • Corporate Service

    All-in-one solution for corporates and business groups to create a closed-loop environment for financial and transaction management.