Mobile Framework

The simplification of mobile application creation complexity.

What is Mobile Framework

Mobile Framework is a framework for mobile application creation, which is implemented on cross platforms architecture and needs only one implementation on mobile engines.

Simplify the complexity

The solution only needs one implementation. The application will function for multiple mobile operating systems without concern for any devices and native programming languages.

Simple and flexible
  • Flexible framework
  • Support customizations
  • Ready-to-use-template
  • Dashboard and management tools
Time saving
  • Easy to manage and modify
  • Fewer resources are required
  • Rolled out on multiple devices
  • Faster time to market

Possible for everyone

The skills required to maintain a mobile application are simpler than a mobile application in native developments. Only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills are needed.

Therefore, handle mobile applications on multiple platforms is easy, simple, and possible for everyone.

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