Centralized Card Management System

Centralized Card Management System (CCMS) is supporting step-by-step of card issuing for magnetic card, virtual card, and EMV card. CCMS provide functionality to initial card, connect with HSM or Switching through standard protocol, create EMBOSS file, connect with PIN Mailer, PIN Pad, and manage card life cycle.

Centralized Card Management System functionality, CCMS allows user to issue card, design card face and layout, initial card data, and manage card stock. In addition to card issuing, CMS is able to manage card information since customer has received a card, e.g. card activation, card registration, card block/unblock status, etc.

CCMS is implemented on 3-tiers architecture, which leverages system expansion and high availability of the system. Additionally, CCMS provide multiple channels for system integrations (e.g. Web Service, FTP, ISO, etc.) in order to integrate with existing system.